Updated Website!

We have updated the website for the 2015-2016 Year!  We are looking forward to a great year, with new exiting speakers, fun happy hours, educational tours, and more. Some of the great things you can find on the site are upcoming events on the Calendar tab, and information about the upcoming APA CO Conference in Steamboat.

For your reference, here are the 2015-2016 Board Members:

President: Maddie Keating (madeline.keating@ucdenver.edu)

Vice President: Kevin Carder (kevin.carder@ucdenver.edu)

Secretary: Laurie Tabachnick (laurie.tabachnick@ucdenver.edu)

Treasurer: Sarah Blanchard (sarah.Blanchard@ucdenver.edu)

Student Representative: Jessica Vargas (Jessica.vargas@ucdenver.edu)

APA CO Representative: David McWilliams (Charles.mcwilliams@ucdenver.edu)


Please feel free to email any of us with questions, concerns, or feedback, or call Maddie at 72O.355.1842.

The APAS bylaws are available here: APAS Bylaws