Tips for the APA CO 2015 Conference in Steamboat Springs

  • Bring Business Cards
  • Bring notebooks for sessions
  • Have a Plan for what workshops to attend- look through the program, and write out a schedule so you don’t miss the sessions about the topics you’re most interested in!
  • Use it as a chance to learn about a new topic- maybe you usually focus on bike infrastructure, but you’ve always been curious about historic preservation. This is your chance to learn about something different without paying for a class on it. And you might be surprised by the connections you make between the two subjects!
  • Dress Professionally for the Conference, but remember to bring casual clothes for nighttime.
  • Don’t be shy- network! Conferences are a great time to meet people who are passionate about the same things as you and can also provide connections down the road that get you a real, live, paid job. Networking is a whole beast in and of itself, but keep in mind these tips
  • If you were particularly inspired by a speaker, go tell them so!
  • Talk to people at the booths, they are there to talk to people and you have an easy icebreaker!
  • You don’t always have to start the conversation with planning. Talk about Crested Butte, the food, your dog, the weather, whatever
  • Remember, you’re talking to someone who is a human just like you. Most people are going to be nice, and if they aren’t, maybe they haven’t had enough coffee that day.

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