Registration Information

The student rate of $75 increases to $115 after September 11th, so it is highly recommended that you register as soon as possible to take advantage of the low student rate. 
As you may have realized trying to register for the conference, you need to be logged in to APA to register. Ken Schroeppel is in charge of getting students enrolled in the APA Early Career Program, where you might be eligible to receive your first year of membership for free. I’ve attached the application forms to this email, if you are interested in this program the application needs to be submitted to Ken no later than Friday, September 18th. If you have any issues with the APA registration process, please reach out to Ken (, as he will be able to give you more comprehensive advice about that. If you are not ready to become an APA member at this time, you can also create a non-member account here:
Once you have a login for APA, you will be able to register for the APA CO Conference, at the student rate of $75. Here is the link to the conference registration: You should be able to register for the student rate without any problems. The student rate is confirmed at the conference after you have logged volunteer hours. Every student is required to volunteer at the conference, and the amount of time that each student must volunteer for is contingent on how many students register. So, the more students, the better because you don’t have to do as much volunteering. For example, if only a few students sign up, you might have to do few 4 hours shifts throughout the conference, whereas if a lot of students sign up, you might only have to do one 4 hour shift. 
When you get the confirmation email/receipt for your registration, be sure to keep it as you will be able to submit your receipt to the APAS treasurer after the conference and get the $75 conference registration fee reimbursed (please note, the early registration fee will be reimbursed, so it is your responsibility to make sure you register before the price increase). 
As far as rides and lodging are concerned, a carpool/lodging sign-up sheet is available here: APAS does not facilitate rides and lodging, but we do like to set up the spreadsheet so that people can connect with others that are going more easily. Sites such as VRBO and Airbnb are great places to start for affordable lodging. 

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