Fall 2017 programming coming soon!


Spring 2017 Programs
If you are interested in helping pull together any of the programing we are working on this semester, please email the point person and they will  get you connected with the group working on that program.

Brown Bag Series
This series give students the opportunity to meet over lunch with  professors and lecturers who will present on one of their interest areas and have a discussion with students on the topic.  This is a great way for students to hear a lecture on a topic they may be interested in but haven’t had a change to explore yet.  It is also an opportunity for students and faculty to hear about the research and work happening within the department.
Point Person: Chelsea Jander (chelsea.jander@ucdenver.edu)

Policy Series
This three-part series will provide students the opportunity to hear from practitioners on how planning policy gets developed, adopted, and implemented from key points of engagement, including advocates, planning staff, and elected representatives, including Councilwoman Robin Kniech.
Point People: Carolina Van Horn & Jon Moore (carolinavanhorn@gmail.com)

Colorado Planning Tour
This Spring Break, we will be taking a road trip around Colorado to visit a handful of cities across the state.  While in the cities, we will explore what they are doing from a planning perspective.  This could take the form of guided tours of the town with planning staff, Q&A sessions with planners in a town and then independent exploration, having students research an aspect of planning they are interested in and presenting on it and doing our own guided tour, meeting with emergency managers, etc.
Point People: Lorin Crandall & Zareen Tasneem (lorin.crandall@ucdenver.edu)

Job Shadow Program & Resume/Cover Letter Workshop
We had a successful Job Shadow program last semester with over 30 participants and are excited to host another round of job shadowing this spring.  Our focus will be on expanding the program by growing our list of hosts and add hosts in high interest areas.  In addition, we will pull together a Resume & Cover Letter workshop for students to make sure they are ready to look for internships and jobs this spring.
Point Person: Roxanne (roxanne.borzobertrand@ucdenver.edu)

Happy Hours
Getting to know and hang out with people in the program is just fun! Not to mention the networking benefit.  Help us plan happy hours throughout the semester and get out there to do some socializing with great people.
Point Person: Jon Moore (jonathantmoore@gmail.com)

Facilitation Workshop
We know that public engagement is critical to ensuring we are planning for all members of the community and developing equitable plans. Effective public engagement however isn’t always easy to do, and facilitating those conversations requires skill and practice.  We would like to host a workshop designed to help students build their public engagement and facilitation skills.
Point Person: Carolina Van Horn (carolinavanhorn@gmail.com)

MURP Contact List
Ever found yourself wondering how it is that you don’t have that one classmates’ number? Us too!  So, we are creating a contact list for all MURP students interested in participating. All MURP students who contribute their contact info will get a copy of the contact list.
If you are interested in helping pull this together, email Carolina at carolinavanhorn@gmail.com.